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With a friendship forged in Poland, Jonathan Gall and Werner Puchert explore ideas and concepts that make designers tick. Join us as we feed our insatiable curiosity with voices from inside and outside Central Europe. Feel invited.

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    Allow yourself to surprise yourself

    What if you could practice what you preached? Well, Seth Minard, a former Interaction Designer at Cooper is an Example of that. Seth has turned the focus of his design practice inwards to re-design his life. Perhaps, transformation starts with the designer, before attempting to design experiences for others?

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    Mini-Episode - Tipping my hat to Jonathan Gall

    We have a few short announcements and thought we'd try a Mini-Episode. Jonathan's business is growing which is GREAT! However, it has a ripple effect on his involvement in this project as my co-host. We discuss this along with some news about our workshop at Product Development Days.

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    A sneaky plan to get rid of Dinosaurs

    Wojtek Kutyla values the ability of a designer to play the role of enabler, and we ‘absolutely’ agree with his approach. If you building something with a team of people they, we, are all busy with the act of creation. In his words, he has a sneaky plan to replace the old dinosaurs with teams with an user-centric approach.

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    Olga, an agent of effective [marketing] communication

    This week we are joined by Olga Kovalenko. She has found her niche in digital marketing and join us from Kiev, Ukraine where she applies her trade at Trionika as Marketing Team Lead. Here she focuses on email marketing; she's fast to point out that the humble E-mail is not dead [yet], and still remains a key part of the digital communication mix. She recently finished a PhD that focused on unpacking the value of micro-copy within digital communication, amongst others.

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    "Do what you love."

    Toto Castiglione, pragmatic leader, designer and Team Leader at Netguru takes some time out of his holiday to speak to us. He is a multi-disciplinary professional big picture thinker passionate about solving problems. He shares some insights around becoming a leader in a fast-growing company, some of his favourite tools, the importance of motion in design and a few notes on his favourite projects. Join us for a conversation with Krakow's favourite Italian [Net]guru.

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    A curious soul solving modern challenges

    Mariusz Ciesla is a Polish Product Designer who has an uncommon multidisciplinary background. Mariusz is a designer, a developer, a photograph and even more. Before all, he is someone who is curious about all things in life. It led him to work on an amazing journey, working on projects at the edge of technology. Another side of Mariusz is his love for teaching and mentoring, something he does across Europe. During this interview, we touch those points and also the challenges of his life as a freelancer in Berlin.

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    Friends, Romans, Machines listen to my voice!

    Rafal Cymerys is a talented software engineer from Krakow (Poland) who realised that he was more than just a technologist; he is an explorer! Rafal is part of a team of brave explorers who are leading the way into the new and uncharted frontier of voice technology.

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    Honest, authentic, Aga.

    From academia, corporate and being an owner of her own independent Experience Design consultancy it’s hard to find a design professional with more hands-on experience than Aga Szostek.

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    From practising UX to creating a learning platform; a journey in good design

    After moving from Estonia to London, Sergei Golubev has made a name for himself in the world of Design. He built a great career as a designer and a major learning platform for UX Designers in Europe. Leading The School of UX and The UX Conference in London, at only 32 Sergei is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

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    ‘Design is about being practical, and building something that works’

    Hubert Turaj is the founder of Edisonda, well known and acknowledged UX Design outfits from Krakow Poland. He and his team have managed hundreds of multichannel experiences, starting out as a small circle of friends to a close-knit group delivering work for multinational like ING, ABB, Autodesk and Goodyear. Hubert appreciates the value human-centric design, not only in the work they create for their clients but the close-knit team bond they share within the Edisonda team.

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